PR and Marketing in Unison

A common misconception about Public Relations is that it is completely separate from marketing; that effective marketing can be done without PR. Nothing could be further from the truth. These two subjects are actually intrinsic to each other as they both ultimately have the same goal-a positive result from the public, whether it is in the acquisition of acquired admiration, trust or respect, or whether if it is in the form of product interest and purchase.

There is a natural flow and order to the use of these subjects which is almost always violated by most businesses. Ordinarily, a business creates a product or service and then simply starts promoting it; in many cases this process gets less than great results despite having a terrific offering and very well executed marketing communications. The reason: the people you are trying to convince to purchase your offering don’t know you well enough, may not trust you or may not believe your marketing message.

Why do you think Apple sells so many products? Yes, their products are good, but so are many of the similar products offered by their competitors-at lower cost. Yet Apple is the Big Man on Campus as far as familiarly, respect and sales. One very big reason Apple sells so many products is because people trust Apple.

Trust can be very contagious. The more people see other people with Apple products, the greater their trust and familiarity becomes toward Apple as a Corporation and for their products…and that corporate trust and admiration even translated into respect and admiration for their late CEO, Steve Jobs.

So how do you acquire trust and familiarity for your business and your products? Public Relations.

PR should always be done before marketing starts. It is a natural law. It applies to all aspects of life, not just business. A business or a person’s reputation and activities should precede them to make transactions smoother, easier, faster or even possible at all.

It applies to dating someone, it applies selecting a school for your children, it applies to voting for a politician (although you are still likely to be disappointed with a political choice at one time or another-the reason being that politicians often misapply Public Relations by lacing their PR with “white lies” or in some cases with blatant distortions). In the end they are always found out. So, remember, always be truthful in your PR as well as in your marketing.

In a similar way that a person who doesn’t know you well enough would not be inclined to date you, or in the same way that you would not entrust your children to anyone that you had no familiarity or comfort with, so too, will an individual who does not know your company to some degree be hesitant to doing business with it.

For these and other fundamental reasons is why you should definitely apply the fundamentals of good public relations to any venture you decide to embark upon. It is almost never too late to start a public relations campaign. Even when your reputation has already been smeared, the solution to gaining back ground and even once again attaining a good reputation is possible with correct application of PR. The specifics of that methodology are contained in a sub-section of Public Relations known as Crisis Management and its sub-category Reputation Management.

A classic example of Crisis Management (and reputation management) is the case of Bill Clinton. Remember Monica and Clinton’s near impeachment? While people do remember her and the infamous proceedings where he was caught in a lie, President Clinton is more highly respected and admired than ever before-post Monica. So much so that while Bill Clinton went into the White House with a net worth less than one million dollars, his worth is now estimated to be above $80,000,000. That is the result of very good public relations work.

How does this all relate to you? Simple. Recognize that you do not know all there is to know about Public Relations. Realize that your business and marketing efforts could highly benefit from the application of expertly done public relations on your behalf. Hire experts in the field with proven results.

Jamie Sene

JoTo Extreme PR & Marketing