How to Know What to Post on Social Media As a Christian Business Owner

Social Media is an integral part of our business lives today whether we want to admit it or not. If you are a Christian and have a business, you must be on social media in order to be found and connect to your customers. The digital age that we live in creates a ‘perceived’ value on social media so even if we don’t think it will work for our business, we still must have it in order to be seen as a business who is trying to care for their customers.

With that being said, what should a Christian business owner post on social media? The easy answer is the same thing everyone else posts. Family updates, interesting things you find, pictures of you doing interesting things, etc. As a business owner, post relevant things to your customers. It does not need to be all about your business. Remember, social media is for your customers and you want to connect with them.

We try to separate ourselves as Christians, but we are still living in the same world with everyone else. The Bible says “do not love the world or the things in the world.” (I John2:15) We see the same things everyone else sees, we just see it through the eyes of God. We have a filter that sees the world as fallen and in need of a savior.

Let’s take a rainbow. A scientist says that it is water molecules reflecting light. That is true, but there is no meaning behind that statement. A Christian may see that same rainbow and think about how a Creator God made water form in just the right way to reveal a rainbow to you at that very moment. Do you see the difference?

Let me give another example. I grew up in West Texas. We have some of the greatest sunsets, I may be biased. As I grew up, I found out that a sunset with all the reds and oranges is mainly due to the pollution in the air. That could have warped my view of sunsets forever until I translated it with my Christian world view. I now see sunsets as God taking something horrible we did with pollution and showing His Glory by shining the sun through it at just the right angle.

Posting on social media is not about trying to post Christian Bible verses all the time. It is about revealing God in the common, mundane parts of life. My wife would say that God makes the boring awesome. It would be great if we all lived our lives awesomely boring.

Now let me share some quick tips about posting on social media as a Christian business owner:

· Do post the awesomely boring things where you saw God reveal something about his nature.

· Do post stories about what God is doing in your life.

· Do post stories about what God is doing in your business.

· Do share pictures that encourage your spirit.

· Do post what is true. (Don’t post gossip, even if it is veiled in prayer.)

· Do keep your mind on God and His overall purpose. (Don’t get caught up on arguments. Arguments on social media never bring people to Christ.)

· Tell stories that build a bridge of relationships.

· Treat social media like real life. Unless you go around quoting scriptures all day, don’t just post scriptures on social media.

Here’s an interesting thought: Social media is a digital version of you and your personality. If you have a business on social media, you are representing the culture within your business based on what you post. Keep in mind that everything you post is online for everyone to see. Simply ask, “If I was in real life in a room full of people, would I say this or show this photo to them all?”